Stoneham lorry outside Stoneham HQ

A throwback to the 1950’s to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee

From the 2nd to the 5th June the nation will be celebrating a momentous occasion – the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We would personally like to congratulate Her Majesty on her long reign as the first British monarch to reach this 70-year milestone. In 1995, we had the honour of being awarded the Royal Warrant to Queen Elizabeth II, a mark of recognition of our supply of goods and services to the Royal Households.

The Queen ascended to the throne in 1952, so we’ve taken a look back through the Stoneham archive from the 1950’s to find a few historic pictures.

Early 1950’s
In the post-war early 1950’s period we started to make framed and freestanding kitchen units.  The below images show some of the Stoneham team at our facilities on Watson Street in Deptford as well as the outside of the building where we were based until 1959.

Stoneham staff working on typewriters in the Stoneham office from the 1950s

Cars from the 1950s parked outside Stoneham headquarters building

A Stoneham delivery vehicle featuring the slogan ‘Adds grace and space’ (Circa 1954)

Stoneham deliver lorry parked outside Stoneham's headquarters in the 1950s

Mid-late 1950’s
In 1957 Stoneham introduced the Cambridge unit (pictured below), a freestanding kitchen unit, selling in its thousands. By 1959 the price was just over £20! At the same time we moved to new premises in Sidcup, Kent where the manufacturing plant remains to this day.

Copy of the original Cambridge Kitchen Cabinet brochure from the 1950s


A Royal connection
A proud moment for the Stoneham family when we received our Royal Warrant plaque in 1995.

Stoneham management team receiving their Royal Warrant with Prince Edward

(Pictured from L to R – Michael Stoneham, Howard Stoneham, Edward Stoneham and Adrian Stoneham)

A Stoneham lorry leaving Buckingham Palace in 1995.

Stoneham lorry leaving Buckingham Palace in the 1990s

The Stoneham team will be raising a glass for the Queen over the Jubilee weekend and hope you will too.

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For more information on our Royal Warrant click here.  

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