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Kitchen storage solutions: doors

The doors in your kitchen are the things that will be seen and touched the most, so it is important to think about which doors will tick the boxes in terms of style and function. From contemporary to more traditional, there are many styles of doors that can front your kitchen cabinets, however there are also different types of doors that serve different purposes and can make a big impact on your kitchen design.  We’ve put together some options to help you decide on the best kitchen cabinet doors.

Pocket doors
Pocket doors slide-away so they are literally out of sight. These sliding doors are particularly useful on pantry units and bar cabinets, especially when entertaining guests.  Not only do they reveal your beautiful bar and its wares, but they free up valuable space in your kitchen.

dark blue tall bar unit with pocket doors open to show bar shelves and wooden drawers

Secret doors
Rather than a conventional internal door that leads to another room in your home, a secret door provides an alternative option.  In keeping with the style and look of the rest of your cabinet doors, a secret door will look like part of the kitchen, yet when you open it up it takes you to a completely different room in the house. Genius!

Tall light grey kitchen cabinets with two doors open to reveal a secret room

Bi-fold doors
Bi-fold doors have become very popular in modern kitchens when opening up a kitchen to the outdoors, however they are also a great feature on cabinets. Bi-fold doors can cover large wall cabinets providing instant access to several shelves, and they also work well on bespoke bar units, folded outwards to take up less space.

Lift up doors
For overhead cupboards, lift up doors are perfect for saving on space in contrast to traditional cabinet doors that require more room to open. In terms of functionality, BLUMOTION soft-touch close technology gives your kitchen that finishing touch with silent closing action every time. Alternatively, Servo-Drive by BLUM allows drawers to open up and out of the way at a single touch, with a switch that will automatically close the door – this means you don’t have to reach up if your cabinet is very high.

Lift up wooden door as part of living room wall units

Tambour roller doors
Adding an industrial style, tambour roller doors are an option in contemporary kitchens. These sliding doors made of slats roll up to open or down to close and are perfect for concealing small electrical items such as kettles or toasters. Not only do they work in the tightest of spaces, they also add a unique design feature to the room.

Curved doors
Beautifully crafted, curved doors in your kitchen is a great way to add softness to your room. Offering a seamless flow and relaxed feel, bespoke curved doors are very ergonomic, making them ideal for open-plan spaces and blending different zones.  For more curved kitchen ideas click here.

White shaker curved kitchen doors on white kitchen

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