cream curved kitchen cabinets

Kitchens that have curve appeal

Kitchens are typically dominated by straight lines, however there is a great way to add a new dimension and transform the feel and flow of the room with the use of curves. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, bespoke curves can be incorporated into traditional and contemporary kitchen designs to shape drawers, worktops, islands, cabinets and even cornices. For a well-rounded kitchen design, we’ve selected some kitchen features that offer the curve appeal.

Curved drawers
Replace angular L-shaped corners with concave curved drawers for a softer finish to your kitchen design. Smooth drawers add beautiful soft lines to your kitchen shape whilst providing effortless storage access.

Curved cabinets
Like curved corner drawers, your cabinets can also showcase curves to make your room rounded. Offering a seamless flow and relaxed feel, crafted curved cabinets are very ergonomic, making them ideal for open-plan spaces and blending different zones.

Curved kitchen islands
To offer contrast to the straight lines of your kitchen cabinets or to compliment curved units, opt for a curved kitchen island for a beautiful centre piece in your room. Its sweeping shape make it perfect for incorporating a breakfast bar at one end for social dining. Another benefit is the corner curves are child-friendly, making a curved island practical as well as a stand-out kitchen feature.

Curved kitchen island booths
If you don’t want your kitchen island to be completely curved a great way to change the shape is by adding a curved kitchen island booth at one end.  Not only do booth’s break up the shape of your island but they also provide a more casual alternative to a dining table, offering a relaxed and comfortable spot. Furthermore, booths are also a great way to add softer textures and different materials into the kitchen.

Curved bar
Bars are becoming more and more popular in kitchens and can vary in size and style as well as shape. A curved bar can add a big wow factor to the room, especially if you have the space to have a complete bar area (as pictured). This impressive circular bar has all the curves with curved worktops, cabinets and glass allowing easy movement when entertaining.

curved wooden barCurved corners and cornices
Not only can you add curves in your kitchen cabinets, but the curve can also be replicated through your worktop profile. Choose a single curved edge or double edging for elegant detail in your kitchen. For extra interest think about incorporating curved cornices to frame your kitchen and add a stunning finish.


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