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Benefits of buying British kitchens

At Stoneham, we have been manufacturing furniture in Britain for over 150 years and have always prided ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of each kitchen made at our factory in Kent. Buying British made furniture provides the opportunity to speak directly with the producers, visit their production plant and see their processes and materials used.  It also supports the UK economy and provides the certainty of dealing with a UK source to provide technical back-up, production flexibility and enhanced price stability, however there are other positives to buying locally. We spoke to Managing Director, Adrian Stoneham to find out why you should buy British and the benefits of owning a British kitchen.

Q. What distinguishes British kitchens from others on the market?
Adrian – British design and manufacturing has a long and rich heritage, but also has a reputation for driving innovation. A British kitchen gets the right balance between the latest design trends and innovative technology, while upholding classic and timeless style. British manufacturers are known for their high quality craftsmanship, so there is an unspoken level of trust between you and the manufacturer that you are getting a high-quality product that will stand the test of time.

Two men hand crafting wood for British kitchens manufacturer Stoneham

Q. What other benefits are there to buying British kitchens?
Adrian – Aside from the quality expected in British manufacturing, by buying British, customers can be assured that they know exactly where their kitchen is coming from and can see the quality of their new kitchen at a local showroom or even at the manufacturers workshops if requested. Service is also key as the customer has instant access to skilled designers and project managers who are involved throughout the kitchen journey. This allows the customer to work closely with the team to ensure their requirements are met, so that ultimately, their dream kitchen comes to life.

Consumers are also now preferring ethically sourced and greener products, so buying British has become more appealing. With the transportation of goods contributing significantly to the high levels of carbon emission, by buying British you are therefore contributing towards the reduction in our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, by buying a British kitchen you are supporting talented British designers and manufacturers, which, in turn, supports the economy and helps keep skills alive in the industry.

Man assembling drawer for British Kitchens manufacturer Stoneham Kitchens

Q. How integral is ‘Britishness’ to Stoneham’s brand?
Adrian – The benefits of having your kitchen designed and manufactured in Britain by a British company is a real draw for our customers. We are also proud Royal Warrant holders, which was awarded to us in 1995 and which we’ve kept ever since, in recognition of our supply of goods and services to the Royal Households of the Queen. We are honoured to be part of a select group of British suppliers recognised for credibility, dependability and quality. Now in our fifth generation of family ownership we have been handing down skills since 1864, ensuring that the British quality and craftsmanship we have become known for with will continue to be upheld.

lady and man looking at a kitchen at Stoneham Kitchens showroom

Q. What advantages does Stoneham’s furniture being ‘made in Britain’ have for your customers?
Adrian – Our kitchens are all made to order – often augmented by bespoke cabinets to satisfy customers storage requests or accommodate awkward architectural structures in the property. We are pleased that we can offer our customers the opportunity to be part of the process from design through to completion. Customers can actually come and see the process of designing, building and the craftsmanship that goes into every component of their kitchen at our Sidcup factory.

We’ve also built strong supply chains across the UK and recognise the severity of the impact on the environment, which is why ecological sustainability is ingrained in everything we do.  We only source the finest, best materials, resulting in long-lasting furniture which withstands long-term use and defies fashion fads as well as helping reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, we are accredited to ISO 9001/2015 standard for our management systems which demonstrates our commitment to quality standards, best practices and improvement of our procedures, resulting in consistent service delivery for all our customers.

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