Light grey shaker kitchen

How a new kitchen can add value to your home

When it comes to a property, a kitchen can either make it or break it. Kitchens are seen as the ‘heart of the home’, a place to eat, work, entertain and relax and therefore are a great place to start when adding value to your home.  According to Rated People’s Home Improvement Trends Report 2023*, 24% of renovators say that ‘adding value is their top motivation for a doing a renovation’ and a new kitchen achieves this, increasing it by up to 10%. This value though, will ultimately depend on the decisions you make when planning your new kitchen. We take a look at some factors to consider, helping you make the best return on investment.


A kitchen built to last
Making sure your kitchen lasts a long time is going to be very important if you do plan to sell in the future. A quality kitchen is therefore a wise investment and means you’ll be less likely to have to spend money doing upgrades and renovations that you’d have to do on a kitchen that isn’t as robust. It will also be more appealing to buyers if they see a kitchen that is in great shape.

Furthermore, as your kitchen is a room you’ll be spending a lot of time in, you’ll enjoy it more if it functions as it should. Look out for British manufacturers who are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and have a long-standing reputation.

Blue shaker kitchen with large kitchen island. Full height glass doors with views onto the garden

Opt for energy efficient appliances
One way to increase the value of your kitchen in the long-term is to source energy efficient appliances. Models that use less energy, with the best energy rating, means reduced bills, which is going to be very appealing to you and future buyers.  Another benefit is that these appliances are better for the environment, which, for the more eco-conscious individual is going to tick the right boxes. Choose an induction hob instead of gas, which uses less energy, and think about installing a hot water tap such as Quooker, which is more energy efficient compared to a kettle.

Vented induction hob integrated onto kitchen island

Timeless design
Having a neutral colour palette in your kitchen is unlikely to ever date. That doesn’t mean to say to you should avoid colour entirely, but if you know you are going to sell your home at some point then going bold might not be the best idea. Soft shades such as white, cream, light greys, soft earthy shades and timber cabinets will transcend trends and prevent an outdated or garish interior. Additionally, a neutral colour palette will make it easier for a potential buyer to visualise the space to suit their own style.

White shaker kitchen with kitchen island and wine cooler.

Maximise storage
It goes without saying that everyone loves storage – it is essential in any home, so it is better to have more than less. Maximise storage in your new kitchen with clever designs that will help organise your goods and hide clutter to free-up worktop space – this can also make your kitchen appear more spacious. Storage options to consider include a pantry cupboard, corner carousels, cutlery drawers, floor to ceiling units with drawers, wine bottle storage, kitchen islands and so on.

Create a sociable kitchen
Many of us now work and socialise at home, so having a kitchen that is multi-functional is more desirable. Adding a kitchen island with a breakfast bar or seating booth for example is a great way to achieve this as it can provide a flexible layout for cooking, dining and entertaining. It also provides more storage and worktop space, making it a sought-after feature in modern homes – something we don’t see changing any time soon.

Cream handleless kitchen with kitchen island with breakfast bar and booth seating. Copper pendant lights.

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