Design tips for compact kitchens

When you start planning your new kitchen, there are a number of things you need to consider, with space playing a crucial part in the overall design. A more compact room might seem to have its limitations, but by incorporating clever storage, choosing the right appliances, and utilising the full height of the room, you can achieve a stand-out kitchen regardless of its size. These design tips for compact kitchens will help inspire you to make the most out of your room.

Go for height
Floor-to-ceiling cupboards are a simple yet effective way to make use of your wall space and therefore enhance storage options. For a galley layout this can be done along one wall or for a U-shaped kitchen up to two walls.  To break up the symmetry, think about integrated ovens, a sink area and glass top cupboards to expose items. You could also add black mirror glass to tall doors to give the illusion of space.

Streamline your cabinets
Handleless kitchens provide a seamless finish, with smooth doors for a sleek and chic look without any clutter. The flat design of the cabinets makes them ideal if you want to maximise space.

Choose smart appliances
When tight on space the last thing you want are lots of appliances taking up room and making your worktops more cluttered.  Ditch bulky overhead extractor fans and opt for a two-in-one induction hob with an integrated extractor to work in harmony with your worktop.  Boiling water taps, such as those from Quooker also mean you don’t need space for a kettle.  Additionally, multi-functional appliances such as a washer-dryer and combination microwave also make for a smart choice.

Keep it neutral
White is often the colour of choice to make a room, brighter and appear bigger, however there are many neutral shades you can choose from. Think light greys, ivory and light blues and greens for a modern colour palette. Consider a gloss finish which has light reflective qualities, allowing light to bounce off units to create the illusion of a bigger room.

Get clever with storage
Storage is one of the biggest concerns in a small kitchen, however with bespoke cabinets you can factor in a number of clever solutions to organise your goods.  Slim pull-out pantries are superb for smaller width units and floor-to-ceiling larders are a popular choice providing plenty of space to store food. For corner cupboards, magic units with slide out shelves provide lots of space for accessing pots and pans, ideal for small kitchens.  You could also think about internal spice drawers and integrated waste bins which removes the need for a stand-alone bin.

Save space with sliding doors
If you decide on a pantry or larder for your new kitchen, choose pockets doors that slide out then glide back out of sight. If you want a closed door between your kitchen and another room, choose a sliding door. Both of these options are fantastic for saving on space while provide a contemporary feel to the room.

For more kitchen design tips, arrange an appointment with a Stoneham designer who can work with you to create a kitchen that perfectly suits your space and lifestyle.  Click here.

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