Popular kitchen colours in 2021

You might not think that one design element alone could be absolutely crucial, but your choice of colour not only determines the feel of your kitchen, but of your home as a whole. With open-plan designs being the number one choice in modern day living, it’s essential that you choose a colour palette which flows and compliments the entire space. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the colours you should be considering for your dream kitchen in 2021.

Blue is the colour

As you may know by now, Classic Blue was selected as the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020, reflecting its growing popularity in home design. This has also been reflected in the latest additions to our kitchen colours collection, which now includes Aegean Blue, Indigo and Paris Blue.

With demand for this colour still increasing, you can rest assured that you’ll be left with a kitchen which will stand the test of time. The dark, pale tones of Aegean and Paris blue offer a sophisticated look and calm feel, creating a relaxed atmosphere which is essential to busy family life – particularly when we’re spending more time in our homes than ever before.

Beautiful and bold black

It’s safe to say that having a black kitchen is a bold decision that many people may shy away from. However, it is a striking design statement that can look elegant and classic – if utilised well as a contrasting accent, it can offer the real element of luxury. .. Our Latitude collection is continuing to grow in popularity and is well known for incorporating continuous black trims.

Black and white is a colour combination we see regularly in everyday life, so it’s no surprise to see just how well they work together in kitchen design too. White accents, shiny metal handles and glowing under-surface lighting can all go a long way to eliminating any concerns over the space looking  too dark, so that the heart of your home is left feeling welcoming for family and friends.

Wonderful White

White is the most popular colour in kitchen design. There aren’t many tones it can’t be combined with, making it perfect for exploring different options and getting creative. With its unbeatable versatility comes an element of timelessness – it’s unlikely that we will ever see white kitchens go out of fashion. White works with everything so if you do eventually feel it’s time to update your kitchen, perhaps requiring new appliances or simply fancying a change, you can do this with ease, avoiding the expense and hassle of an entire renovation.

White’s bright luminosity creates a warm and welcoming feel effortlessly. While darker tones will almost always require artificial light, white allows you to embrace the outdoors using large windows or sliding glass doors, perfect for making the most of those long summer days.

Go for grey

Once just another trend, grey has become a staple colour in kitchen design. Unlike white and black, the different shades of grey are virtually endless, meaning you can choose the perfect tone to create the mood and ambience you’re looking for. Our Pipe and Thunder Greys look great with bright whites, while our Sand and Dove Greys are can be beautifully complemented by dark worktops.

Much like the variety of shades, grey offers great versatility in terms of material and texture too. A smooth, matte finish can create a sleek and minimalist look, while the elegant veins of a quartz worktop can ensure your kitchen island becomes the standout centrepiece of the room.

Naturally, grey is a colour perfect for creating an industrial feel, making use of concretes and rough plaster appearances, which work beautifully in contrast with smoother surfaces.

Wood finishes

With a variety of tones and textures, wood has always played an important role within kitchen design, and that doesn’t look set to change any time soon. In fact, our colour collection now includes two new options: updated Walnut Carcase and elegant Espresso Oak.

Complimenting both contemporary and classic kitchen designs, as well as being readily available from natural sources, wood is guaranteed to stand the test of time. This natural material looks amazing from the day it is installed, and only improves with age so that you’ll keep loving your design for years to come. Much like the typically grey surfaces, wood is available  in a variety of  patterns and textures, seeing it regularly used alongside smooth, matte surfaces.  Offering a pleasant charm and warmth, wood creates the perfect atmosphere  for family life in the very heart of your home.

Gorgeous Greens

While they’re yet to be used as regularly as other staple colours in kitchen design,  earth tones are becoming more popular. If used correctly green can look sophisticated and fresh, bringing a sense of renewal and growth. And if you’re feeling adventurous and want to go for one of the really bright colours, there are some clever ways of adding a pop of colour to a neutral room with colourful bar stools, a painted island or a vibrant splashback.

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