Kitchen Trends 2021

2020 has been far from a normal year, with the Coronavirus outbreak having some sort of impact on virtually every industry. Kitchen design is no exception, with COVID affecting upcoming trends in the year ahead. Nonetheless, if you are planning your dream kitchen in 2021, these trends could help you on your journey.

Home offices

One consequence of COVID is that most people are still expected to work from home, and that doesn’t look set to change in the immediate future. With that in mind, dedicated workspaces are now being incorporated into modern kitchens. These areas can be built into your kitchen units, complimenting your overall design as well as offering a dedicated space for you to concentrate on your work. Add further practicality and security with Stoneham’s offer filing drawers, which include lockable options to all cupboards for integration in your kitchen.

Incorporating a charging drawer is another great way to enhance your home workspace. With USB sockets on the inside, these drawers ensure your devices keep powering on throughout the day and keep any messy looking wires out of sight when they’re not in use. Similarly, the pop-up plug provides the option to charge multiple devices at once and can be concealed inside your kitchen island or counter.

Brilliant booths

While more people are using their kitchens for work purposes, it’s important that they’re also a pleasant place to relax. Therefore, it’s no surprise that booths are growing in popularity. Booths are a less formal alternative to the dining table, offering a comfortable spot to sit for a quick bite to eat or catch up with friends. They also offer the opportunity to get creative; perhaps incorporate a curved design for an element of privacy, or add a bold flash of colour, creating a unique variation on the tones seen elsewhere in the kitchen.

Hot water on demand

The increasing popularity of instant hot and boiling water taps, also offering cold and sparkling water, isn’t necessarily a new trend, but it is one which will continue into 2021. On top of increased practicality when cooking, these taps are a great addition for anyone working from home. Breaks in between Zoom calls offer the perfect opportunity to make a quick tea or coffee, and instant boiling water accommodates this with more ease, speed and efficiency, so you can get straight back to work.

Integral ventilation

Hobs with integral ventilation are becoming increasingly prominent in the contemporary kitchen. Drawer units beneath the hob can be adapted to suit re-circulating or ventilation. This avoids the need for an extractor, allowing more room for overhead storage.

The growing popularity of integral ventilation has been accommodated by islands becoming a staple feature of new kitchen designs. These hobs can be incorporated into your island, again, saving space for storage elsewhere, as well as adding a social element. With this feature, you can easily chat with guests sitting at the island while you prepare their meal.

Blue is the colour

Classic blue was chosen as Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2020, and now blue tones have become a great option in kitchen design. Possessing plenty of versatility, various blues can offer a different feel depending on the mood you’re looking for. From bright and bold to more subdued but equally elegant choices, there’s a blue option to suit everyone’s taste. Although it might not have been your first thought, blue is undoubtedly worth considering alongside some of the more popular colour choices like white and grey. Combine the blue with one of our natural timbers, such as walnut, oak or even an exotic veneer, adding warmth and personality.

 Smart storage

Storage features playing an increasingly important role in the appearance of modern kitchens looks set to continue being one of the key trends in 2021, with pantries and space towers still growing in popularity. However, the primary purpose of your storage is to be functional and practical. In addition to the smoothness of the latest soft-touch technology, drawers can now feature glass side panels adding improved visibility and accessibility to your interior storage.

Additionally, built-in options provide further practicality while adding to a smooth and minimalist design. Appliances like microwaves can be built into your units and concealed behind a door, both saving countertop space and contributing to your kitchen’s tidy look. Countertops can also be enhanced by incorporating an integrated wine cooler, a classy feature which will leave your guests in awe. Alternatively, a bar unit, perhaps combined with pocket doors, is a stunning indulgence for a quick tipple at the end of the day.

Clever concealment

If you’re trying to achieve a minimalist, free-flowing design, these options could be for you. Entrances to utility rooms can be neatly concealed using facades and rebated surround frames, blending the doorway into your kitchen design.

A similar idea can also be utilised on a smaller scale. Pocket door systems not only completely conceal your interior storage, they also avoid the intrusion that comes with hinged doors.

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