The Kitchen: Working From Home?

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact in every area of life, and it’s likely we’ll continue to feel the effects for years to come. However, not every consequence of the virus needs to be looked at negatively. With government advice being that you should continue working remotely where possible, this is the ideal opportunity to create a suitable workspace right in the heart of your home.

Dedicated office space

Trying to work in the living room can pose a number of issues, whether it’s distractions from family members or not having adequate desk space. Installing a dedicated workspace either within or adjacent to your kitchen can go a long way in avoiding these problems. A completely bespoke office space can be built into your kitchen walls or units, complementing the overall appearance of the room. This built-in design offers a more enclosed space providing you with the privacy you need to concentrate on your work.

While COVID-19 restrictions might limit who you can welcome into your home, having a larger scale workspace could be useful even once the measures are lifted. If your job involves regular meetings with colleagues and clients, why not incorporate a meeting room adjacent to your kitchen? With a large table and presentation screen, you’ll have everything you need for work without needing to leave the house.

Instant hot drinks

Tea and coffee boosts throughout a long working day are an absolute must, and the days of waiting for the kettle to boil are over. Thanks to instant hot and boiling water taps, (also offering cold and sparkling water) making hot drinks is quicker and easier than ever before, ensuring you never miss a Zoom call and can get straight back to work.

Concealed Charging

Whether it’s a phone, laptop or tablet, there’s a range of devices you likely use throughout the day when working from home. Having them take up worktop space when they’re charging is both messy-looking and impractical. Our new charging draws feature multiple USB sockets, keeping your devices powering on throughout the day, as well keeping wires hidden when they’re not in use.

Similarly, pop-up sockets also provide multiple charging ports and accommodate devices which charge using a standard plug. If you wish, you can keep your electricals plugged in during the day before elegantly concealing the socket tower inside your island or counters, providing all the countertop space you need for cooking and dining.

Don’t forget to relax

While it’s growing increasingly essential for the kitchen to function as a workspace, it’s important to strike a balance between work and leisure. There’s a variety of kitchen features to help you do just that. A comfortable cushioned booth offers the perfect place to relax, as well as adding a unique and standout element to your kitchen design. Alternatively, your own bespoke bar provides somewhere to take your mind off your job with a much-welcomed drink at the end of your working week.

So, if you’re still working from home going into the new year, or simply want to make some upgrades to your existing design, we have a range of stylish and practical features sure to meet your needs. Our options will leave you with the perfect kitchen design for cooking, working and relaxing.

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