Trends 2020: Terrific Kitchen Tech

The kitchen has become the hub of the home, accommodating family life and providing a makeshift office for many. As ever, kitchen tech continues to improve, perfectly reflecting the space’s increased importance in our everyday lives.

Efficient Kitchen Tech

Given how busy home life has become, ease and speed are crucial, and kitchen tech must accommodate that. If instant boiling water wasn’t enough, the sleek all-in-one tap now has some extra fizz dispensing sparkling water too, and comes with an extendable hose for rinsing those hard to reach spots. But don’t worry, boiling water can’t be dispensed from the hose, making it entirely safe to use. Additionally, down draft induction eliminates the need for a cooker hood, freeing up more overhead storage space. These hobs can fit stylishly into an island making them an excellent addition to any open-plan kitchen.

Smarter Technology

Siemens are ever-developing their hub of impressive new kitchen tech to make every stage of cooking even simpler. It’s easy to forget ingredients when making your shopping list but thanks to the in-fridge camera, you can check what you have at home while on the go. The Home Connect app goes a step further offering various settings – including a Holiday Mode and notifications when the door has been left open – ensuring food will never go to waste unnecessarily.

Cooking Assistance

When it comes to preparing the food itself, Miele’s latest piece of kitchen tech – the generation 7 oven – allows for simultaneous cooking. With the help of a personal M Chef menu and Gourmet Assistant providing the appropriate cooking settings, you can enjoy more complicated and exciting meals with greater ease. The FoodView camera allows you to see your meal as it cooks even when you’re not home, and adjustments to the temperature or cooking time can be made remotely. TasteControl prevents overcooking by opening the door slightly meaning you’ll never have to worry about burning your dinner again. Finally, MotionReact technology will turn on the lights and stop any alarms as you approach so you can easily see and remove the perfectly cooked contents.

Hidden Tech

However, it’s not all about the cooking when it comes to kitchen tech nowadays. Powerful pop-up sockets are ideal when utilising your smaller countertop appliances. When out of use, the sockets can be subtly hidden inside the counter ensuring messy wires are kept out of sight. Charging drawers are equally tidy and keep your phones, tablets and laptops motoring on throughout the day. These clever advancements play a key role in keeping the entire family connected and entertained, more so now than ever before.

Technological advancements within the kitchen can improve the quality of your home life in more ways than one, so they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

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