Five fang-tastic Halloween recipes

Tradition dictates that celebrations are centered around community, costumes and food, making Halloween parties a spook-tacular idea. To make your event ghoulishy good, we’ve shared five wickedly delicious Halloween recipes which you can brew up in your kitchen and serve to your frighteningly famished guests. Just pick your poison…

Pumpkin Punch

Is a party even a party without a massive bowl of punch to quench (blood)thirsty guests? Using a hollowed-out pumpkin as the vessel for a vat of a delicious blend of rum, pomegranate juice, orange juice, lime and ginger ale, it’s a recipe for a gruesomely good time!

halloween recipe of pumpkin punch

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Jalapeño Poppers Mummies 

Bridging the gap between cute and creepy, these jalapeno popper mummies are spookily simple, with the use of some ready-made shortcrust pastry and a cream cheese and scallion combo filling. Serve this ghoulishy gooey appetiser straight from the oven for maximum effect.

halloween recipe jalapeno poppers mummies

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Breadstick Bones

Try this spooky twist on a party-food classic; take a simple dough recipe – or buy pre-prepared – and roll into sausage shapes, before snipping and shaping the ends to create bready bones. Sprinkle with a generous coating of cheese for extra crunch and pair with ‘witches’ snot’ (guacamole) or dragon’s blood (tomato salsa) as dips.

halloween recipes breadstick bones

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Jack Skellington Cheesecakes

For a devilishly easy sweet treat, look no further than these mini Jack Skellington cheesecakes. A Halloween icon from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, Jack’s chilling smile is simple to pipe and his face makes a perfectly bite-sized spooky snack. Replace the US ingredient of graham crackers with plain digestives, or ginger biscuits for an autumnal twist.

jack skellington cheesecakes

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Halloween Marshmallow Pops

For those that find cooking and baking to be a living nightmare, give these Halloween marshmallow pops a try! With just three ingredients – giant marshmallows, sprinkles and candy melts or chocolate – it’s minimum effort with maximum results. The only nightmare is not eating them all before the guests arrive…


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