Handleless Kitchen with light blue and oak kitchen cabinets

Style Focus: Handleless Kitchens

Offering a contemporary and streamlined finish, handleless kitchens are a great option if you are looking for a stylish and minimal aesthetic for your home. Handleless kitchens have become very popular, not only for their sleek design but also due to their practical benefits making them suitable for different lifestyles. The colour choice and materials available is also extensive allowing plenty of scope to create a kitchen that is unique to you. We take a look at the reasons why you might want to get to grips with a handleless kitchen.

The hidden handle
The term ‘handleless’ is rather a misnomer, as the true interpretation of this look is a handle that is integral to the door. From concealed hinges, to finger-pulls that are notched out of the door edges, or the latest ‘push to open’ systems to doors and drawers, there’s an array of different options on the market to achieve the handleless look without compromising access to cabinet interiors. However, a recessed handle, provides the understated style and finesse of a handleless kitchen without any loss of the practicality.

Cashmere cream handleless kitchen cupboards
Cashmere base units with a fine line profile for a subtle design detail

Design detail
Whilst ‘push to open’ cabinets offer a completely minimalist look, recessed handles located horizontally or vertically still give that flat handleless design but with the benefit of being able to add subtle design elements. Back plate options which sit behind the slot handles makes it possible to add the latest material trends – from brushed steel, to a natural walnut, to a striking timber accent like black and white Zebrano.

Space boosting
Handleless kitchens provide a seamless finish, with smooth doors for a sleek and chic look without any clutter. The flat design of the cabinets makes them ideal if you want to maximise space. Choose a light colour to make the room appear brighter and consider a gloss finish which has light reflective qualities, allowing light to bounce off units to create the illusion of a bigger room.

Black and white handleless kitchen with island and tall drinks storage cupboard
A combination of black and white cabinets and zebrano accents to the island panel

Contrast with colour and finishes
With a plethora of colours and finishes available there are endless design opportunities when it comes to handleless kitchens. Try dark, warm timber doors teamed with white quartz surfaces to create a strong contrast to your kitchen design. You could also use gloss or a matt finish for the main run of your kitchen and contrast with wood for your island to create a centre piece in the room. Alternatively play with colour and go bold for overhead cabinets, and contrast with a neutral shade for lower doors to define each level.

Bronze and cashmere cream kitchen with island and integrated seating booth
Bronze tall units and cashmere base units with integral seating to the kitchen island

Easy peasy cleaning
Free from protruding handles, handleless cupboards are a lot easier to keep clean. The smooth flat surface without any nooks and crannies makes it simple to wipe and is likely to reduce the time you spend on housework, as you don’t have to worry about getting into any awkward spots.  Furthermore, handleless kitchens are more hygiene friendly as there is less places for dirt and grime to hide.

Appliances to match
One of the appeals of going handleless is the ability to maximise space with uncluttered lines. To continue this look, the latest two-in-one, induction hobs with integrated extractors can be fitted flush into worktops for a streamline effect, or separate hidden extractor fans that appear at a touch of a button will also free up space. Remove the need for a kettle and opt for a boiling water tap, as well as pop-up plug and USB sockets neatly stored away in your worktop – this provides stylish tech that maintains a minimalistic aesthetic.

Integrated plug socket and extractor hidden in kitchen work surface
Integrated plug socket and extractor seamlessly hidden into kitchen worktop

Free from constraints, handleless kitchens open up a wide scope of opportunities to create a contemporary ambience in your kitchen design. The fluidity and minimal feel is not only stylish, it’s much more – it’s design without constraint, a room to relax, entertain, cook, eat and live in.


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