Christmas Desserts collage

Five desserts yule love this Christmas

If there is one time of the year it’s acceptable (even expected) to have more than one dessert option, then it’s Christmas. It’s also much more fun as part of the festivities to make these with your loved ones rather than buy them ready-made. From the more traditional puds to desserts with an added twist, we’ve picked out five of our favourite festive recipes that all the family will enjoy around the kitchen table.

The classic: Traditional Christmas pudding
Love it or hate it, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a decadent, fruit-filled Christmas pudding to follow your turkey lunch. In fact, Christmas pud is such an institution that there is even a whole day dedicated to making it, called ‘Stir Up Sunday’. Stemming from the Victoria era, the last Sunday before advent was traditionally the day when families would sit down, take it in turns to stir the pudding and make a wish!

While you can make and store your Christmas pudding up to six weeks in advance that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start making yours now. Try Nigella’s recipe for an ultimate extravagant version.

Christmas pudding

The family favourite: Chocolate yule log
When it comes to Christmas there’s snow such thing as too much chocolate. If advent calendars, huge tins of sweets and selection boxes just aren’t enough then you might want to opt for a chocolate yule log as your after-dinner treat. This simple recipe is guaranteed to go down a storm with the younger members of the family but you might also want to consider adding an additional festive flavour, like peppermint or cinnamon, into the buttercream for the adult chocoholics in your life too!

Yule log Christmas dessert

The retro throwback: Sherry trifle
It might still be considered a 70s dinner party dessert, but we think that the spongy, boozy trifle never goes out of style. This recipe for a jumbo version has all the classic elements but more of them, including two types of fruit jelly, a strawberry blancmange and fresh strawberries to create even more layers.

Making a trifle can also be a fun family activity, with everyone responsible for creating their own layer. Just make sure you leave someone responsible in charge of the sherry!

Sherry trifle Christmas dessert

The artistic centrepiece: Gingerbread House
Are you a baking pro and fancy stepping up your Christmas dessert game this year? Try your hand at the infamous Gingerbread House recipe from The Great British Bake Off. It’s no mean feat but, if successful, it’ll be a Merry Berry Christmas!

While you can follow the recipe to the letter, you might prefer to use your artistic license when it comes to adding decorations. The options really are endless depending on how much detail you want to go into but like any good construction job, it is one that requires precision and patience. Luckily gingerbread keeps well so taking your time and making it a few days before the main event won’t compromise the taste!

Gingerbread House Christmas Dessert

The modern twist: White chocolate, orange and cranberry Christmas cake
Although Christmas cakes are traditionally fruit-based, it’s not difficult to see the appeal of opting for a lighter sponge option instead. This white chocolate sponge cake recipe with meringue kisses and gold leaf decorations tastes as good as it looks! A cranberry compote sandwiches the layers of sponge together with a luxurious white chocolate cream cheese icing. It might not be easy on your waistline but there’s always time to work it off in the new year.

White chocolate Christmas Dessert

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