Black kitchen with gold cupboards

Kitchen Trends 2019: Black is Back

As part of our kitchen trend blog series, we take a look at the growing trend for dark, mysterious colours, with black kitchens in particular set to be a popular for 2019. Emerging from its heyday back in the eighties, black offers a sharp contrast to kitchens devoid of colour and also adds an elegance to a space that no other shade can. Combined with the warmth of walnut, tones of oak and gold, brass or bronze finishes, black might just be the melodramatic trend of 2019 you need to uniquely update the hub of your home.

Black kitchen drawer with storage dividers
Stoneham’s extensive cabinetry collection is perfectly suited to black. This Legrabox drawer with Orgaline storage dividers is perfect for precise organisation.

Oozing luxury and sophistication, a black kitchen conjures images of boutique hotels and chic industrial design. All-encompassing or selectively chosen for accents, black can be easily utilised on walls, splashbacks, cabinetry, countertops, as well as adopted in appliances or lighting. A black aga range cooker, for example, can create a dramatic centrepiece for a country style kitchen, complemented perfectly with dark mahogany furniture.

Stoneham wooden shaker kitchen with a black aga and splashback
This Stoneham project from our Marlborough collection incorporated black accents, including a black aga, work surfaces and splashback.
Stoneham Autographic kitchen with black and white units
Stoneham Autograph collection base units in black.

Whether you prefer obsidian, jet, or ebony, black can take your cooking space to a seriously sleek level. This brooding tone will also obscure any accidental spills and scuff marks, which make it a huge selling point.

Black and white gloss kitchen
With black features, this Stoneham kitchen project balances out the dramatic dark hues with clean, glossy white cabinets from our Infinity collection.

One thing to remember – black can sometimes make small rooms look even smaller. If your kitchen isn’t the largest, ensure there is plenty of natural light in your room to create an illusion of greater space. In addition, incorporating darker hues and lighter shades in a monochrome colour palette is a sure-fire way to establish a bigger feeling within a kitchen.

Considering black for your new kitchen? Contact our design team here.

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