Smooth concrete kitchen

Kitchen Trends 2019: Smooth Concrete

Welcome back to our 2019 kitchen trends blog series; in this instalment, we look at smooth concrete as a popular design theme for the new year. This eye-catching material has been rising in popularity for the last two years, and shows no signs of going anywhere just yet.

Elegant industrial
For many, concrete might seem like an unusual choice for a kitchen, but given the right setting, its rustic, textured look can set just the right tone, particularly for those looking to create an industrial design. Industrial kitchen spaces typically mix metals such as copper, stainless steel and iron, and concrete is another material that can be added to the mix to offer a strong, edgy look, instantly captivating visitors.

This retro Stoneham kitchen design incorporates smooth concrete into the work surfaces.
This Stoneham project from our Fusion collection has an industrial, 1950s feel and features smooth concrete work surfaces

Classy qualities
In its exposed, uncovered state, concrete has a bold, hard-hitting quality. Incredibly versatile, it can be cast into shapes and slabs, or poured, smoothed and polished, making it suitable for floors, worktops and even kitchen cabinetry. Although concrete can appear cold if used too widely across the kitchen, this can be offset with wooden furniture to add warmth and enhance the uniqueness of your kitchen design.

This Stoneham kitchen features cabinetry with float faux concrete surfaces
This Stoneham kitchen features cabinetry with float faux concrete surfaces, embellished with milled stainless steel handles and Black & White Zebrano framing

Keeping up appearances
In addition, concrete is a resilient and durable surface too, and has longevity similar to natural stone or wood. However, if untreated this material can easily stain or hairline cracks can begin to appear. To ensure concrete worktops last as long as possible, homeowners should research the use of sealers, with several different types available – most notably penetrating sealers and topical sealers, which help to block stains and scratches.

This Stoneham kitchen project boasts float concrete effect doors to base units, with Cloudy Oak wall units
This Stoneham kitchen from our Fahrenheit collection boasts float concrete effect doors to base units, with Cloudy Oak wall units

As the trend for industrial design continues to dominate the market long into next year, why not consider concrete and concrete effect for your room to create a bold, striking look?

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