Stoneham gets spooky with our guide on how to decorate your kitchen for Halloween.

How to decorate your kitchen for Halloween

As the end of October is looming, there’s no use ignoring the impending spooky holiday that dominates people’s homes for one nightmarish night – Halloween. This year, why not get into the spirit (get it?!) and embellish your kitchen with some seasonal decorations. In this blog, we explore several spine-chilling ways to honour the day and utilise the hub of your home in the most gruesome manner. Take a look, if you dare…

Putrid pumpkins
Halloween’s statement, go-to decoration has to be carved pumpkins or jack-o’-lanterns as they are traditionally called. These simple but charming ornaments are made by cutting off the top, gutting the innards and slicing out chunks using a pre-designed stencil on its exterior – check out Pinterest for inspirational carving ideas. Once a lit candle has been popped inside, you’re ready to go! Topping your kitchen work surfaces with one or several of these is a sure-fire way to catch people’s attention.

Check out this putrid pumpkin for Halloween.

Paranormal portraits
Why not transform the family portraits hanging on your kitchen walls into devilish displays? Make black and white copies of your regular photographs, print them out and age them by lightly brushing them with a sponge dipped in black tea. Let them dry, then cut some card to the same size as the photos and glue the two together. Once dry, cut out the eyes of the pictures’ subjects using a sharp knife, making sure the holes are around a quarter of an inch in diameter. Take the glass out of the frames and tuck the pictures in. The final step? Insert red mini LED Christmas lights through the back of the eyeholes. Plug in the lights, then replace the frame’s backs, securing them with tape if necessary – and drape with fake cobwebs. Spooky!

Make your family pics extra creepy this Halloween by hanging this freaky photos in your kitchen.

Horrifying heads
A hellish, head-filled jar is sure to freak out your family and guests and it couldn’t be easier to create. The key to this nightmarish illusion is to print off a laser jet life-sized photo of yourself or a loved one (it’s just more impactful that way) onto high quality paper. Then simply roll the picture outwards and place it in a jar of vegetable oil – add green or red food colouring for an even more dramatic effect. If you want to take it to the next level, buy some fake hair from a fancy dress shop, cut it and drape across the picture’s forehead. Leave the jar in the fridge or a cupboard and wait for the screams. Mwahaha!

Woah! This awesome trick is perfect for scaring your kitchen guests this Halloween.

Mystical mirrors
Welcome your unwitting visitors into your kitchen with a supernatural reflection in your hanging mirror. First, select a ghostly image of a chilling person staring at the camera – a quick Google search should do it (‘vintage portrait’ always delivers some good results). Print off your menacing image and purchase an inexpensive photo frame that matches the size of the picture. The last thing you’ll need is some mirror-effect spray paint, which can be found in most hardware shops. Take the back off of your frame and lightly spray the glass with the spray paint, spraying more thickly round the edges and especially lightly towards the centre. Once dry, slot your ominous portrait into the frame; the result is a haunted mirror, possessed by the face of vexed spirit from the underworld. Enjoy!

This freaky mirror will give your kitchen guests the creeps this Halloween.

Creepy candles
Light the way round your kitchen with some creepy-crawly candle holders. Scoop out mini pumpkins and pop a tea light into its hollow carcass. Pierce its sides with four black pipe cleaners to either side to create big bugs you’ll weirdly enjoy spotting around the house.

Create a scary space in your kitchen with these pumpkin candles.

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