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Colour Focus: White Kitchens

The indisputable trend for white kitchens is not going away anytime soon, with Houzz reporting that 43 per cent of homeowners choose this neutral hue for their kitchen furniture*. At Stoneham, we have a host of stunning kitchen collections that are perfectly-suited to everyone’s favourite snowy shade. White offers something that no other colour can – adaptability, durability and unbeatable luminosity, and in this blog we explore why these characteristics make white a firm favourite in British kitchen design.

This gorgeous Stoneham kitchen is from our Diffuse collection.
Stoneham’s Diffuse collection is the perfect design partner for white kitchens. This project, designed by Stoneham retailer David Haugh, boasts a bespoke curved island in Anthracite Oak. 

Terrifically timeless
If you’re thinking long-term, one of the best traits of a white kitchen is that it will always outlive any trend or fad. Defying all fashions, it’s easy to update, meaning it’s impossible for the room to ever feel like it was designed five or 10 years ago – coloured accents can be replaced with current popular hues and cutting-edge appliances can be easily be added to contemporise the feel of the room. White goes with anything, so whatever happens you will always have the option to modernise, accessorize and add to your room, be it with tiles, appliances or decorative embellishments.

This white kitchen is from Stoneham's Fusion Pro collection.
This kitchen project by Stoneham retailer David Haugh Mixes warm Macassar accents with Stoneham’s Fusion Pro collection in Dove Grey to add heat to the room.

Warming up
Offering versatility like no other shade, white is uniquely matched to an enormous variety of materials and colours – particularly warm timbers, which can help to heat up the room which may otherwise feel quite cool. White is an ideal backdrop for light neutrals that can also help to change the space and for extra warmth, the hue is perfectly suited to LED accents, that highlight specific areas in the kitchen as well as create glowing pockets to suit different moods.

Stoneham's Infinity collections works well in a white kitchen.
Stoneham’s Infinity collection works well with a monochrome scheme. This kitchen project includes black furniture and accents with an abundance of modern appliance technology. 

Bright brilliance
In any kitchen, crisp, clean white naturally makes the space feel lighter, brighter and bigger, making the most of even small amounts of natural daylight and emphasising the size of the room. Try adding white cabinets with a glossy finish – a touch of gloss helps to further bounce the light around, with its reflective qualities offering the illusion of a larger space.


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