Pantone reveals the Colour of the Year 2018, ‘Ultra Violet’

Pantone has designated a Colour of the Year for almost two decades, beginning this now-annual tradition at the turn of the 21st century, with the announcement of a pale blue shade of Cerulean. Moving from subtlety to sass, 2018’s offering is bold, bright and bursting with possibility – Ultra Violet.

This celestial shade of thought-provoking purple has been chosen to conjure the power of spirituality, the vastness of the galaxy and the cult of mysticism. With purple often associated with creativity and artistic brilliance, this year’s contemplative colour is ideal if you’re looking to refresh and revitalise your kitchen.

Neither resolutely cool nor warm, this shade is as versatile as it is evocative in its powerful vibrancy. It’s easily paired with other the many additional purple hues on offer – lavender, lilac, plum, orchid, magenta – or it can be matched with equally bold and contrasting colours such as last year’s Colour of the Year, Greenery, for a powerful interior design statement. Energising your culinary space with this punchy shade can be done in a multitude of ways, whether you’re after something more obvious or understated.

Starting at the subtler end of the spectrum, ultra violet make a great accent colour for trims, the inside of cabinets and kitchen accessories. Think pops of purple in the form of tea towels, glassware, or pots and pans. Moving into the middle ground, purple splashbacks are a fun way to incorporate this elegant and emotive shade into your kitchen, especially if you choose tiles. Play with material and patterns for pockets of textural interest, or go for a sleek aesthetic with a glossy or glass finish.

For the brave, ultra violet can be used to make an ultra-statement by choosing it for an entire wall, cabinet exteriors or the bulk of your kitchen island. With our colour-match bespoke paint service, you can introduce Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet into your kitchen with ease.

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