Tips for a clean kitchen

Tips and Tricks for a Clean Kitchen

You’ve invested in your beautiful Stoneham kitchen, designed to give you years of satisfaction, and you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure it stays looking stylish. We’ve discovered that less can be more when it comes to keeping your kitchen sparkling clean, and have rounded up a few of our top tips and tricks for a spotless space.

Modern, busy lifestyles don’t lend themselves to a lot of free time, and the thought of spending hours cleaning your kitchen can be overwhelming. The good news is that minimal maintenance is required for an effortlessly immaculate kitchen and the secret is simple; a regular routine.

Instead of spending hours of your weekend scrubbing away a week’s worth of grime, allocate mere minutes for a small cleaning task or two every day for consistent cleanliness. If you don’t know where to start, there are dozens of helpful guides on the internet which can provide ready-made plans or help you create your own cleaning schedule.

Work Surfaces
Some surfaces are more porous than others and therefore mark more easily, but there are some basic good practices you can employ to protect your worktops. For stain-prevention, wipe up any spillages or splashes with a damp cloth as soon as they happen and stand coffee machines and tea making facilities on a mat for easy cleaning. Use trivets for hot pots and pans – even heat resistant surfaces can mark over time. Never cut directly onto the worktop and instead, invest in a good-quality chopping board to protect surfaces from accidental nicks and scuffs.

Properly maintained, worktops can last for decades. For everyday cleaning, use a soft cloth moistened with water and mild liquid soap for spotless surfaces. Stubborn stains may require the use of a non-abrasive cleanser and a gentle scrub cloth – just make sure to thoroughly rinse off any residual product.

Stainless Steel Appliances
Gleaming stainless steel appliances are the hallmark of a well-maintained kitchen, but they can be a magnet for finger-marks, grease and dust. To clean, moisten a microfibre cloth with a specialist stainless-steel cleaner, white wine vinegar or even water, and buff the surface in the direction of the grain. Take care to not to let the residue dry to prevent watermarks and for extra shine, an ultra-light coat of baby oil can enhance the appearance of your appliance.

Kitchen cabinets and furniture
Kitchen cabinets are easily kept clean with a regular wipe over with a soft cloth. Occasional marks can be removed with a splash of liquid soap in warm water using a damp cloth and dried off with a microfibre cloth for furniture as good as new.

It’s as much about what you don’t do, as what you do. Avoid using any bleach, de-greasers or cleaners with a high-level PH or any abrasive substances or cloths, as these could cause permanent damage to your stunning kitchen.
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Upon installation of your new kitchen, please take the time to read the accompanying information which instructs you on what products are suitable for the materials used in your kitchen and prior to purchasing or using cleaning products, read the ingredients to ensure that they are safe to use. Stoneham Kitchens does not take responsibility for any damage that is caused by using incorrect products to clean your kitchen.