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Kitchen Trends 2017 – Smart Storage

Storage requirements have always been important when it comes to kitchen design, however over the years storage has advanced with clever and smart solutions that incorporate technical components to suit both small and large spaces. 2017 will see even more innovation, with plenty of choice to keep surfaces clutter free and optimise space. And these storage options are by no means restricted to modern, high gloss kitchens, they can be used in any space including classic contemporary kitchens providing practicality and comfort for British homes.

In this blog we take a look at the storage options available:

Go large
A big trend in storage is extra wide drawers that actually conceal multiple drawers behind a single frontal; this stops the kitchen looking busy and cluttered, but means you can have, for example, one drawer for cutlery and one for plates in the same area for ease of use. This also saves time when you’re preparing food. These wide drawers are incredibly stable due to their sophisticated runners and will accept heavy loads up to 70kg on 650mm depth drawers.

Dynamic design
It’s not just about the type of storage you add to your kitchen design but how it is organised to ensure your kitchen functions at its best. At Stoneham Kitchens we use the Dynamic Space® design system to ensure that each area of the kitchen is dedicated to a particular type of storage. This includes five main activity zones: consumable storage, non-consumable storage, cleaning, preparation and cooking.   Each of these activity zones is strategically designed and organised to maximise space and provide easy access to everything you need to run an efficient, workable kitchen.

Curves and concaves
Curved drawers with bespoke storage dividers made from wood or steel are also very popular. Concave drawers with cleverly designed dividers mean that you don’t have to sacrifice any storage space to achieve a striking, curved kitchen design. Consider units with integrated chopping boards and drawers. These can be personalised, for example boards can be engraved with ‘cheese’, ‘bread’ or ‘herbs’,

Arena style and Le Mans carousel fittings allow for increased storage space in cupboards and on doors, with steel chrome bands and anti-slip technology to stop things moving when doors are opened and closed.

It’s in the detail
When it comes to technological innovation Legrabox leads the way. This sophisticated box system for use in storage drawers will continue to be popular in 2017. The Legrabox system features a multitude of drawer depths, widths and drawer side heights. All feature the most stable and superb runner systems and provide extreme loading up to 70kg. Clever utensil, cutlery and provision divider systems are available to personalise the drawers.

Out of sight out of mind
There is an increased demand for concealed integrated appliances and storage units as well as more unique features such as bars. ‘Pocket doors’ are a simple and sleek means of concealment – doors slide out of sight, out of mind, into neat pockets revealing the hidden gems behind.

Waste away
Freeing up space is without a doubt the most important reason for having storage, and this is also true when it comes to your rubbish bins. Pull-out, integrated waste bins with an effortless pull put operation are now very popular as part of a kitchen design and replace free-standing bins that take up floor space. Another benefit of choosing this is having segregation for your recycling – this makes it so much easier when it come to putting out the paper and jars on collection day.

Storage is one of the most important decisions when designing a kitchen. When you choose a bespoke kitchen, you can work closely with the designer to make sure storage space is optimised and all your needs are met. And storage doesn’t have to be boring, it’s an opportunity to be creative. Show off pretty crockery in glass cabinets or add little finishes like bespoke coloured drawer inserts or LED lighting, to really finish your kitchen off and make it something you can be proud of.

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