Kitchen trend - concrete

Kitchen Trends 2017 – Concrete

Incorporating different textures into the kitchen is by no means new, however there are certain materials that are increasing in popularity – one particular example is concrete.  The world’s most widely used building material has predominately been used outdoors but it is now making it’s way into the home, and the kitchen.  In this trend blog series we take a look at why concrete will be a serious contender for kitchen designs in 2017.

Aesthetic appeal

During 2016 we saw a big move to an industrial style kitchen space mixing metals such as copper, stainless steel and iron. Concrete is another material that can be added to the industrial mix offering an aesthetic, edgy appeal that will instantly draw you in.

Concrete is ideal for worktops when polished, island counter tops that extend down to the floor, accent units and also flooring. Although concrete can appear cold if used too widely across the kitchen, this can be offset with wooden furniture to add warmth and enhance the uniqueness of your kitchen design.

Coloured concrete

Surprisingly concrete is not restricted to one colour.  Grey is very sought-after however different processes means you can create a shade of your choice.  These processes include using an integral pigment, acid staining or a dye.  It is worth discussing with your installer or kitchen designer to ensure the right process is used to get the colour for you.  Keep it simple or go bold depending on the overall style you are looking to achieve.

Time will tell

Concrete is very durable and can be easily shaped in the kitchen, however if untreated can easily stain or hairline cracks could appear.  To ensure it lasts a long time you will need to coat it in a sealer and there are different types available, most notably penetrating sealers and topical sealers.  Penetrating sealers soak into the concrete but don’t protect the service from staining, although they do block spills. In contrast topical sealers coat the surface but can scratch easily, however do your research to check which topical sealer will perform the best.

In our next trend blog we look at Timber Accents.

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