How to decorate your kitchen for Christmas

How to decorate your kitchen for Christmas

Decorating your home for Christmas is a wonderful way to encourage festive spirit, and there’s no better place to begin than the kitchen.

Chances are that your kitchen is going to play a central role in the preparations for Christmas, as well as being the setting for your Christmas meal with the current trend for open-plan living. Creating a joyful and cosy atmosphere will ensure a magical day for all the family. We’ve gathered together some simple ideas to inspire you to transform your kitchen into a hub of holiday cheer.

    A simple way to introduce Christmas into your kitchen is also a classic; a Christmas tree. Whatever the size of your kitchen – large or small – there will be a tree to suit your aesthetic. If you’ve got a compact kitchen, mini-Christmas trees nestled in alcoves or placed on windowsills and open shelving add a festive touch. Large or open-plan spaces can be filled with full-size trees, instantly introducing Christmas spirit into your cooking space.
    A kitchen island/breakfast bar is an excellent vessel for adding a focal festive display – utilise its linear shape by introducing a seasonal table centrepiece. There are a multitude of different styles on offer; from simple and sleek to ornate. A row of white candles in alternating heights coupled with natural elements, such as pinecones, wooden branches and evergreen foliage is on trend. If you prefer your Christmas with more sparkle, incorporate reflective elements into your centrepiece; glass hurricane bowls filled with metallic decorations, scattered loose beads or clear vases filled with chunky glitter and greenery.
    Cornerstones of Christmas decorations, wreaths and garlands are an elegant way to give your kitchen some festive flair. Whether you choose a traditional floral design or a contemporary piece, wreaths work well framed by a window or alcoves, and offer a warm welcome to guests. Garlands are equally as cheerful, and can be draped across windowsills, strewn between cabinets or wound around table legs.
    Natural materials are a big interior trend for Christmas, inspired by organic Scandinavian design and give your kitchen an earthy elegance. Think pinecones, wooden branches and winter greenery complimented with an occasional pop of colour in the form of berries or pots of poinsettia. Whether it’s with a centrepiece, wreath or ornaments, for an authentic Nordic feel, make sure you work with a palette of dark greens, rustic browns and cranberry-reds against a backdrop of white.
    Reimagine traditional decorations as festive Christmas accessories for your kitchen by large mason jars with glittery baubles and placing on shelves and counters. Fairy-lights provide a delicate decorative touch – string twinkling lights in windows and between light fixtures, or hang your Christmas tree ornaments on cabinet knobs and kitchen hooks. Swap your everyday tea towels and storage for fairlise patterns and rustic baskets for a wholesome festive atmosphere.

How are you planning to decorate your kitchen for Christmas?

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