How to integrate technology into your new kitchen

How to integrate technology into your new kitchen

In this current digital age, technology is incorporated into most rooms of the house, whether it be surround sound in the lounge or heated tiles in the bathroom.  This also applies to the kitchen. No longer simply for cooking, the kitchen is now a room for dining, a social hub and a central entertaining area – experiences that can all be enhanced with the integration of technology. Here are Stoneham’s top five technological devices that should be considered when planning your new state-of-the-art kitchen:

Keeping in tune

The appeal of preparing food or socialising in your kitchen with the sounds of your favourite album in the background is undeniable. Pop-up plug towers on islands provide convenience for charging laptops or USB outlet for phone charging. We also recommend an integrated Harmon Kardon music system with ultra-thin speakers that can be seamlessly integrated within furniture doors to provide a discrete, highly effective sound system.  Simply add bass ‘woofer’ speakers in the floor plinth to combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology.

Getting a grilling

When picking out your appliances, try something a little out of the ordinary and add a Tepan-Yaki grill, incorporated right into your worktop. With two independent heat panels, this Japanese inspired appliance can be used to grill, fry and sauté, so that you have the perfect equipment to cook up that new recipe you’ve been wanting to try, making advanced cooking that little bit simpler. With Stoneham, you can also integrate other cooking appliances like ovens, microwaves and hobs directly into the work surfaces and cabinetry, so plan ahead for a streamlined cooking experience.

No. 1 fan

Addressing the ever-present issue of balancing aesthetics with function, the latest technology has converted extractor fans from a fairly clunky necessity to a great design feature. At Stoneham, you can choose between a concealed/retractable downdraft extractor, which can be installed directly into a work surface or breakfast bar, or integrated into wall unit cupboards to be stored away when not needed. Another option is a concealed cooker hood within a feature bulkhead that is so stylish it becomes a favourite detail of both designer and client.

Turning up the heat

Boiling water taps are a sizzling new addition to the kitchen sink, and it’s not hard to see why; instant boiling water can save you time and money, and decrease your energy usage, as you’ll no longer have to wait for the kettle to boil to make tea, coffee, or a pasta dish. Because this design feature has become increasingly popular, technology has advanced quickly, and boiling water taps are well insulated so they are always extremely safe to use too.

Cooking up a storm

From food storage to the final taste of your cuisine, Stoneham can provide the technology to assist in cooking every step of the way. Gaggenau’s Vacuuming drawer 400 series enables quick and convenient sealing of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit, not just for sous-vide cooking but also for marinating and extended storage. Design-matched to the oven’s 400 series in solid stainless steel backed glass, the vacuuming drawer can be integrated underneath the Gaggenau combi-steam oven. With Gaggenau you can master your culinary skills and cook to perfection using the best modern technology on the market to create a meal that will be the envy of all your friends.

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