5 lighting tips

Let there be light: Top 5 Lighting Tips

Whether it’s hosting a cocktail party, having the family bustle around as you cook up a Sunday roast, or taking a break out of a hectic day to grab a cup of tea, the kitchen has become a truly multifunctional living space. And when it comes to planning for this, the power of good lighting cannot be underestimated.

A well-lit kitchen not only looks more welcoming and spacious, but innovative lighting can become a striking design feature too.

Stoneham Designer, Chris Read, sheds some light:

  1. Use lighting where required

Work surfaces need good overhead lighting. Downlights fitted beneath overhead cabinetry is the obvious choice, but when it comes to lighting over your kitchen island, try a row of pendant shades. They will not only act as an interesting visual divide between the kitchen and dining area, but will also bring much needed light to your worksurface.

  1. Change the mood with LED lights

Integrated LED lighting can be incorporated under mounted or freestanding work surfaces to give bursts of light throughout the kitchen, so a bulky lighting piece can be avoided. Use remote-controlled LEDs to experiment with colours and change the atmosphere of your kitchen; choose white or blue for a fresh and airy look or red or purple for a warm, cosy effect.

  1. Use light to define shapes

Extending integral work surface lighting to the dining or breakfast bar area, can add fluidity in a kitchen-come-entertainment space. To really add a visual impact, try suspended ceilings studded with lights to echo the shape of the island below. At Stoneham our designers will create a template that matches the shape of the island exactly, which is then used to create the bespoke ceiling bulkhead, ensuring a seamless finish.

  1. Turn ordinary features into something special

A splashback doesn’t have to be boring; try illuminating etched glass with starburst coloured lighting behind it. Not only is it a great way to keep your cooking area well lit and easy to clean, it creates a striking design feature. Incorporating bright lights beneath a kitchen island unit, to make it appear as though it’s floating, is another great way to create a stunning centrepiece.

  1. Light up the inside

No need to rummage in the dark depths of a cupboard. Incorporate internal LED cabinet lighting, which activates on the opening and closing of cabinets, or when close movement is detected. Or turn glass cabinets into striking displays by lighting them from the inside – a great way to showcase beautiful glassware of pretty crockery.

When it comes to lighting the options are infinite. Think about the mood you want to create, the work surfaces where you need extra light, and any special design features you want to emphasise. Then work closely with your kitchen designer to create a kitchen suitable for cooking, entertaining and living.

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