Unique grey kitchen with elegant central island and multi-coloured lighting


The brief

Our clients, Mr and Mrs M, had recently purchased this luxury new-build property and wanted an open-plan kitchen which complemented the rest of their home. As well as being high-quality, they wanted something which was completely different, predominantly utilising a darker colour in a symmetrical and streamlined design. A drinks area and plenty of clever storage space were also requested to create a room optimised for modern family living.

The solution

Tasked with the challenging job of producing a completely unique design, the family enlisted the experience and expertise of Stoneham designer Emily-Ann Lloyd. Our smooth painted Cudham furniture range in Moles Taupe – a sophisticated dark grey kitchen tone – was utilised throughout, creating a minimalist look with smooth lines which contributes to the streamlined design the owners desired. Glass plays a crucial role in the kitchen’s appearance; the tall cabinets feature mirrored panels offering an element of luxury, and sleek glass doors separate the kitchen from the rest of the property, all while creating an open feel with clear visibility to other rooms.

Mr and Mrs M also wanted their Australian and Chinese backgrounds to be reflected in their kitchen design. Due to Chinese cooking cultures, they did not want the sink and hob to be back-to-back, so the position of the standout island was adjusted to accommodate this. As a result, the island was located in the very heart of the room and features a sleek downdraft hob, while the sink is placed on the adjacent counter. All surfaces are topped with luxurious Verona Quartz, with the 60mm surface on the island featuring double parrots’ beak detailing for an elegant look. The finish is further enhanced by cleverly placed under-surface Duoflex lighting. The outer surfaces feature the options of cool, natural and warm white, while the island offers red, green or blue so the family can create a variety of moods to suit different occasions and offer some contrast to the predominantly grey kitchen.

Practical modern technology plays an essential role in making the kitchen suitable for family life. While the island provides plenty of countertop space, which is perfect for preparing meals and entertaining guests, the hob also works excellently in tandem with a selection of built-in Siemens ovens to meet all of the client’s cooking needs. Their desire for a drinks area has been considered too, with an impressive wine fridge occupying one of the tall cabinets. Other drinks appliances like the coffee machine have been subtly hidden in dedicated storage spaces which, again, results in more surface space for preparing and presenting meals, as well as maintaining a sleek and uncluttered appearance. Seating for four people at the island, and a dining table next to the large exterior glass door, ensures that there are plenty of comfortable areas for drinks to be enjoyed with family and friends.

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