Light grey handleless kitchen with striking centrepiece island


The Brief

Mrs A is the owner of a large detached house in Bromley. With a keen passion for baking, it was essential that her new kitchen would accommodate her hobby with plenty of countertop space and storage, including a freezer and two fridges. Aside from her own interests, she also wanted a kitchen which would be suitable for her three sons to dine and relax in. Along with her sons, Mrs A regularly hosts family and friends meaning plenty of seating was also vital.

The Solution

Inspired by the kitchens on display in the Stoneham showroom, Mrs A enlisted the help of designer Ayesha Parmar to create her dream kitchen. Furniture was selected from the Latitude range – specifically the Touch handleless and Diffuse super matt handleless options. The Diffuse light grey tones of the cupboards provides a warm feel. Complementing this with the darker Touch Black TX colour on the breakfast bar and counters creates a stunningly elegant contrast. The striking veins of the Nuevo Calacatta worktop on the breakfast bar provide a wow factor and further complement the lighter tones elsewhere in the kitchen. The handleless doors allow for a smooth transition from one colour to the next with no interruption, while under wall lighting makes the final design really pop.

Practicality was also a key consideration when designing the kitchen. Along with their impressive look, the 30mm thick worktops provide a strong surface, perfect for when Mrs A is baking or cooking for guests. Not only does the island breakfast bar provide more countertop space to help with this, the down stand at either end offers a comfortable space for the family to enjoy snacks and mealtimes. To add further seating space, we designed a bespoke dining table made from Black Ebony veneer. This can easily be moved around the kitchen to provide an element of flexibility to the space, useful for when family and friends come to visit. In addition to the main kitchen space, we also designed a utility room with larger larder and broom storage, helping to keep the kitchen neat and tidy.

A variety of appliances and innovative features were incorporated into the kitchen to make it as practical as possible. Two tall Siemens fridges provide more than enough space for Mrs A to store all the delicious cakes she bakes. A Liebherr freezer and Siemens downdraft hood were also used to further enhance the client’s cooking experience. The built-in ice maker of the freezer works well with the Quooker tap and CUBE, providing the options of hot, cold, boiling and sparkling water.

Overall, Mrs A now has a kitchen which meets all of her needs. It is the ideal space for baking and offers plenty of dining space for the whole family, with the breakfast bar and movable table. These design features, along with the minimalist tones and textures create a sleek space which doesn’t feel cramped or busy.

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