Kitchen storage solutions: drawers 

When designing your kitchen, drawer storage is key to ensure your possessions are well organised and accessible, as well as helping to keep your room free from clutter. From spice drawers to corner carousels and device charging drawers there are a whole range of innovations to suit your kitchen needs. We’ve put together some kitchen drawer storage solutions to help make your kitchen practically perfect.

Spice it up
If you’ve built up a collection of herbs and spices and find it difficult to locate them a dedicated spice drawer or spice rack will help get them in order. Drawers allow them to be displayed in rows, while a rack built into a door or pantry unit is a great space saver.

spice drawer in kitchen

The hidden drawer
For a stylish storage option, this base unit with concealed inner cutlery drawer (pictured) provides a unique way to organise your cutlery. Nestled above a larger drawer the solid light oak drawer with dovetailed joints and cutlery dividers has been beautifully crafted providing a contrast to the main drawer finish.

hidden wooden cutlery drawer

Powerful storage
With the increasing number of smart of devices in a home, the kitchen can often get taken over by technology. Charging drawers are a new way to store and charge your phones and tablets at the same time as keeping them out of the way during meal preparation and when feasting with your family.

mobile phone charging within kitchen drawer

Corner cupboards
A corner carousel with anti-slip shelves make storage simple and completely accessible for pots and pans due to its shape and movement. For added storage the corner carousel unit below has a built-in tray and Hors d’oeuvres platter slots, perfect for displaying light bights when entertaining.

Corner carousel kitchen cupboard

Caffeine fix
For the coffee addict, what better way to get your fix than with a bespoke drawer for your coffee capsules. A bespoke Nespresso drawer is the ideal solution to organise the flavours and strengths for your daily brew.

Bespoke wooden nespresso capsule drawer in kitchen

Drawer tower
To maximise internal space in your kitchen, the Dynamic Space Tower provides the broadest selection of tall unit heights, widths and depths to store a wide range of provisions.  Each drawer has a capacity of 40kg, ideal for heavy items such as tins, jars and crockery and has glass sides to improve visibility and make it easy for you to find what you need.

dynamic space tower drawer storage in kitchen

Wine time
If you enjoy entertaining or having a glass of wine with your evening meal, you’ll probably have a collection of wine that needs storing. Crafted storage to lay bottles of wine and fizz is ideal to keep them organised and out of sight of direct sunlight that can change the flavour of your wine.

wine bottle wooden drawer kitchen storage

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