Benefits of buying British in 2021

In March 2019 we published an article on the Benefits of Buying British Kitchens. Less than 24 months on, we’ve had a year none of us could have predicted. Now in the middle of our third COVID-19 lockdown and with the post-Brexit, movement of people, goods and services into the UK trickier than ever, the benefits of buying British have been brought into sharp focus. If you’re planning a new kitchen in 2021, you can’t do better than looking close to home.

We are fortunate that manufacturing in the UK has been allowed to continue during lockdown, meaning that even during these uncertain times, Stoneham can continue to design, manufacture and deliver your new kitchen.  Our sales, manufacturing design and production teams are all based in Sidcup, south London. Because they live and work under local lockdowns and restrictions, they understand their impact, which allows them to play a crucial role in ensuring you achieve your dream kitchen. This means minimising disruption, whilst fully complying with COVID-19 legislation, to guarantee your safety as well as that of our own staff.

As in many industries during lockdown, parts of the process in buying a new kitchen can be done virtually over video calls. This means you’re still able to make informed decisions throughout every stage of the work. Once you’re satisfied with your design, we have implemented suitable social distancing measures, so we can safely deliver and install your new kitchen via your kitchen specialist centre.

As a family-run company with a pedigree spanning more than 150 years, we employ a team of highly-trained specialists and expert craftsmen and women, who continue to produce kitchens to the standards maintained over five generations of the Stoneham family. They’re the best in the business when it comes to creating products which will stand the test of time.  Stoneham are accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Systems and hold a Royal Warrant to Queen Elizabeth.

Plus, we provide superb, knowledgeable technical back-up to assist your purchase decision making as well as ongoing, reliable and accessible service and support after your kitchen has been installed.

Stoneham has a secure supply chain with excellent stocks and back-up service provided from UK manufacturers, meaning that even during these uncertain times we can continue create your new kitchen on time and in budget.

With a century and a half of expertise also comes a unique understanding of UK market requirements. Design trends are ever changing and can be difficult to keep up with, but our talented designers have the experience to keep on top of the latest features and updates, further boosting the longevity of your kitchen’s appearance and practicality. So, all the knowledge required to create a beautiful and long-lasting kitchen can be found right here in the UK.

By buying British, you’re also boosting other local companies, as well as the entire UK economy. Money spent on British products filters through to the local economy, giving local companies the opportunity to invest in each other. Not only does this help us to continue providing the service our customers have grown to love, but it also means we can employ local people and make future investment in the continuing efficiency, reliability and productivity for the benefit of our clients.

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