New CNC Machine Investment

Despite the many challenges at present, demand for Stoneham’s products and services have been strong with many customers spending much more time at home for work, leisure, and cooking.

To further enhance efficiency, we’ve taken the option of investing in two additional Homag CNC machines. These additions will significantly bolster existing capacity for 5 axis and 3 axis routing, intricate shaping and drilling of solid timber and panel materials. Having already developed a strong reputation for our production flexibility, these machines will help to underscore this facility.

As well as being completely compatible with our existing computer-aided design software, the CNC machines include a number of smart features. The 14-fold tool changer automatically swaps the tool, offering increased speed and efficiency, while the multi axis capability enables the cutting of complex and unique shapes with great precision. This means whole units can be pre-programmed and pre-approved by clients, ensuring we provide them with an entirely bespoke design perfectly suited to their home.

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