Retailer Spotlight – Tec-Lifestyle

In the retailer spotlight, Tec-Lifestyle, based in Malden Essex. We spoke to Director, Nicola Crozier, to find out more about the company and why they chose Stoneham Kitchens.

How long has Tec Lifestyle been established?

The Tec Lifestyle brand was born in 2015 and is the sister company of the Tec Supplies Group Ltd. Formed in 1975, we have a long trading history behind us, with Tec Supplies being one of the leading independent wholesale electrical and plumbing merchants.

What makes Tec Lifestyle different?

Like many independent kitchen retailers, we are driven by the desire to inspire our clients and create their dream kitchen. We invest heavily in our showroom displays as we believe that kitchen designing and purchasing should still be a tactile, hands-on, emotive experience. With the consumer trend moving toward purchasing online, we strongly believe in being the industry that bucks that trend. We have created Tec Lifestyle to have a distinctive look throughout all our home interiors. As a brand, we don’t regularly use bright or bold colours. Instead, we use a muted pallet combining texture from different finishes with great design features. We work with many of the biggest and best names in the kitchen, bathroom and home interior industry, but bring all elements together in the Tec Lifestyle look. We endeavour to create timeless, beautiful interiors that our clients will love for years to come.

How long have you been a Stoneham retailer for?

It is coming up to the best part of 10 months, with the majority of those caught up in a global pandemic.

Why Stoneham?

We have always loved the Stoneham brand, especially their use of modern details mixed with traditional techniques. They’re a great fit for our brand and the reaction to the product has been very encouraging.

What Stoneham ranges do you have on display in your showroom?

We have a great mix, including Strata, Marlborough, Vibe, Penshurst, Cudham, Aspen, Edwardian and Fahrenheit.

What do customers love about Stoneham?

Our clients are excited about many of the features we have incorporated into our displays, including the pocket door system, bar areas and pantries. The curved details, as shown on our bespoke island with raised seating area and curved corner drawers, have all received a great reaction. The smoked mirror accents and knurled detailed handles, as well as the Penshurst and Cudham ranges are becoming very popular options too.


What is your favourite kitchen project?

Our favourite Stoneham project is our Strata display, which combines so many of our favourite Stoneham features. We are busy quoting and designing for lots of clients based on our in-store displays.

What’s your favourite kitchen innovation?

We love the pocket door systems – when they’re open they provide a real wow factor. Being able to hide spaces, creating clean lines when they’re not in use, is a great innovation for both practicality and to enhance the kitchen’s overall appearance.

What is proving popular in kitchen design right now?

Customers are either going for dark and dramatic or, light and airy design combinations. Show areas which allow clients to style items in a kitchen are also proving popular, whether it be open shelving, glass cabinets or bar/entertaining areas.

Do you have anything exciting planned for this year?

We planned to launch our Stoneham displays in the second quarter of the year, and focus our efforts on designing and creating some fabulous projects. Unfortunately, the disruption caused by the pandemic has made that a more difficult process. Nonetheless, we redesigned and relaunched our website in the first lockdown, providing us with a great platform to showcase and promote our brand.

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