Integrated extractor fan and plug socket on kitchen island

Kitchen Trends 2019: Terrific Tech

Welcome back to our blog series on kitchen trends for 2019; this week, we take a look at kitchen technology. This non-mover is only growing in popularity with home owners’ year-on-year, looking for stylish, innovative solutions that make the art of living much easier.

Easy extraction
Next year, prepare to witness an even bigger wave of innovation in kitchen technology. Quickly becoming common place in the home, 2019 will welcome modern, luxurious must-haves, such as two-in-one induction hobs with integrated extractors that work in harmony for pure convenience and functionality. Additionally, sleek, hidden extractor fans that appear at a touch of the button will show no sign of slowing down in popularity. Both options are stylish and ideal for freeing up space in the kitchen.

Induction hob with integrated extractor fan
Two-in-one induction hob with integrated extractor fan.


White kitchen with induction hob and integrated extractor on the kitchen island
Streamline induction hob with integrated extractor fan on the kitchen island.


Culinary essentials
Cooking is set become even easier, with hob units available combining both gas burners and induction heat. This creates the perfect balance of capabilities for the chef in your home to fulfil their culinary needs. The latest induction hobs can also be fitted flush into worktops for a streamline effect in your kitchen design. Food prep can also be made quicker with accessories, such as boiling water taps that have become a must-have in homes and for long-term food storage a Sous Vide handleless drawer is the ideal option for vacuum-sealing prepared meals, so that dinners can be quickly cooked up on those busier days.

Stainless steel boiling water tap with steam coming out of the sink
Boiling water tap.

Wine and dine
Wine will never go out fashion so what better way to entertain guests than with the latest in wine coolers. These can be slimline to fit into restricted spaces, built into islands, or for the wine connoisseur, create a feature of your bottles with floor-to-ceiling coolers either integrated into walls or cabinetry. Whatever you decide just make sure you keep them topped up so that you can pop open a bottle whenever you fancy a glass…or two!

Close up of floor to ceiling filled wine cooler
Bespoke wine cooler.

Digital tech
For 2019 one of the latest innovations that is finding its way to your home is the introduction of refrigerators with computer screens. Connected straight to your home via an app, you can view inside your fridge on-the-go, create shopping lists and even play music straight from your fridge, letting you listen to your favourite tunes while you cook and dine. Samsung are leading the way in this intelligent innovation, thus taking refrigeration to a whole new level.

The experience in the kitchen can be greatly enhanced with the incorporation of technology, so for your new kitchen design, don’t dismiss the benefits of innovation.  Find out how tech can be added to your cooking space by contacting our design team here.

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