Eggcellent Easter Recipes

Easter is the perfect time of year for spending time in the kitchen – the festival, synonymous with springtime and new beginnings, is about being surrounded by loved ones for many, and at the very least is a well and truly deserved bank holiday for all of us! It’s not all about Easter eggs, hot cross buns and roast lamb either; our favourite recipes are ideal for feeding a full house and offer some unique alternatives to the traditional choices we have come to expect year on year. Take a look at our top three Easter recipes:

A fishy feast for Good Friday
Traditionally, meat is avoided on Good Friday – for religious families, this is done to observe the beginning of the holiday, but for others it’s a great excuse to get fish and chips! Why not try something different this year and indulge in a kipper kedgeree. Combining some strong and delicious flavours, including egg, chilli and of course, fish, this recipe is a tasty, nutritious, easy-to-make supper. Take a look at the full recipe here.

Lamb, but not as you know it
Spice up your Easter Sunday lunch with a Moroccan roast lamb, bursting with North African flavours, including coriander, cumin, cinnamon and mint. Forget roast potatoes and dull boiled vegetables – this dish should always be served with tahini squash gratin and a pot of Saffron yoghurt. Yum! You can find the full recipe here.

A sweet treat to finish
What could be better than a dessert that combines ice cream, chocolate cake AND Easter eggs?! This precious pudding will provide a decadent, show-stopping end to your Easter weekend, beloved by both young and old. Just a word of warning – this cracking cake is not for calorie counters! Take a look at the full recipe here.

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