Kitchen trends 2018

Thinking of getting a new kitchen but are unsure where to start? Whether you have a compact galley room or an impressive open-plan space, this year’s trends are abundant in choice and style. Take a look at our top five kitchen trends for 2018 for inspiration for your new room:

Come to the dark side
While lighter hues will always remain en vogue, a resurgence in dark, moody shades is dominating the market and looks to continue well into 2018 and beyond. Plum, navy and graphite grey are popular, making for a dramatic style that oozes elegance. Opt for a kitchen in full colour across cabinets or add accents in bolder shades, such as Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Ultraviolet, to accentuate certain aspects of your room.

Good as gold
Warm gold, copper and rose gold accents will become increasingly prevalent in kitchen decor. A luxe addition to any cooking space, they make it possible to transform a simple kitchen design into a stylish show space with just a few simple elements. Acting as jewellery for the room, knobs, handles and light shades can all be used to add character and will complement the kitchen’s overall colour palette. Lights in particular, hung over an island or a bar, are the perfect accent pieces bound to offer a touch of sophisticated glamour to every meal.

Classy quartz
Due to its unique qualities and benefits, quartz will continue to be a beloved worktop material. Providing a shiny, satin look, quartz offers practicality as well as style. Impervious to stains, self-sealing and bacteria resistant, these worktops are perfect for families and can be engineered to look exceptionally beautiful thanks to modern manufacturing techniques.

Disguise your devices
Smart storage is making a return as a big trend for homeowners who wish to embrace the everlasting appeal of minimalist design or those who simply have limited space. Integrated into kitchens with clever panelling and built-ins, gadgets can maintain their functionality and are then concealed in an appliance garage after use. At Stoneham, our clients love tambour roller shutters, but swing-out doors, display cabinets and vertically bi-folded doors are also highly favoured. Stoneham’s latest Dynamic space tower units offer peerless, accessible storage in tall units. Kitchen buyers can expect to find food processors, kettles and much more expertly hidden in intelligent high-quality storage solutions.

Transformative taps
Looking forward, kitchen technology will become ever more integral in kitchen design, and accessories such as taps will be no exception. Transformative taps, such as those in Quooker’s range, are increasing in popularity, providing boiling water instantly for speedy cooking and beverage preparation. Another great product homeowners will love is a hands-free tap which works via a sensor, offering the added benefit of improved hygiene by eliminating the need to physically touch the fixture. Finally, sparkling water taps are the latest craze; an environmentally friendly choice for those who can’t live without the taste of carbonated H20.

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