Pantone Colour of the Year 2017

Add a pop of colour to your kitchen with the Pantone colour of the year

The more we immerse ourselves into the modern technological age, the more we find ourselves yearning for the natural world. Introducing a vibrant colour into your kitchen design is the perfect solution to bringing the outdoors inside. And what better way to do it than Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017, ‘Greenery’. If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, the refreshing shade, described by Pantone as ‘symbolic of new beginnings’, could be a small addition that makes a big difference.

We are increasingly seeing bold colours trending in the kitchen, with more people pushing the boundaries in their designs. The Pantone colour of the year (it’s Pantone number 15-0343, by the way) is a fantastic choice for adding a striking pop of colour.

Choose a high gloss finish for an effective way to add ‘Greenery’ to your kitchen cabinets, and think about blending other textures and materials to for the complete picture. At Stoneham, our Fusion collection is a great option for this look with simple, smooth lines that unite colour and texture. The Fusion project pictured on our collection page is a great example of how green can be incorporated into a design.

At Stoneham, we also offer the benefit of a bespoke paint service to match the shade of green, however if ‘Greenery’ isn’t your thing there are endless colour options you can choose from.

Furthermore, you can also add ‘Greenery’ into your design by choosing a statement piece in your kitchen to be coloured. This could be anything from a glass splashback, breakfast bar or the fabric of a barstool or lampshade for a focal point in the room.

The kitchen is where many of us begin our mornings and Pantone’s ‘Greenery’ is the perfect colour to invigorate you for the day ahead. With spring approaching, this zesty hue is a great way to complement your gardens’ beautiful blooms and brighten up your home.

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