Stoneham invests in new machinery

Stoneham invests in state-of-the-art machinery

As part of our continuous efforts in ensuring the creation of exceptional designer kitchen, we have equipped our factory with a brand new, hi-tech woodworking machine; the Venture BMG 115. It’s the first time that this industrially advanced CNC machine, from highly regarded manufacturer Weeke, has been used by a British kitchen manufacturer.

The BMG 115’s 5-axis technology gives the tools an increased range of movement, which is not possible with machines based on a 3-axis mechanism. Results include improved accuracy, speed and a high-quality smooth surface finish, due to its ability to facilitate a range of movements in a single setup. With the improvement in efficiency, customers have a wider scope of innovative and contemporary designs at their disposal, giving you the opportunity to create the kitchen of your dreams.

“This investment is an important element in the progression of the company”, says Adrian Stoneham, Managing Director. “It enables us to manufacture increasingly bespoke and intricate kitchen cabinetry. Now, we need just one machine to produce a curved door as well as other complex designs which require elaborate joinery items, allowing us to continue to excel in a competitive market.”

Having been commended by Elements of Innovation Awards at the W16 Exhibition, the BMG 115 represents the latest in high-performance woodwork machinery and the first time that it has been available to manufacturers of all sizes. The installation area has been reduced by 15%, resulting in a compact design which can be accessed from all sides, making it quick and easy to set up and operate. New safety technology makes use of proximity scanners, which stop the machine automatically if someone gets too close to the gantry while the machine is in action.

Adrian concludes, “We are looking forward to making full use of the features and advantages that the BMG 115 has to offer, so that we can continue to meet increasing demand for beautifully crafted, bespoke kitchens.”

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