Painted finishes

Kitchen Trends 2017 – Painted Finishes

This year has seen a wide array of kitchen designs emerge, ranging from timeless styles to impulse fads which fade as quickly as they appeared. Here at Stoneham, we have the luxury of insider knowledge when it comes to the trends which will dominate kitchen design in 2017, and you get to see it here first.

In our last blog in our ‘Kitchen Trends 2017’ series, we explore painted finishes. Not only is a painted kitchen an ideal choice for period properties and country homes, but in recent years it’s also become more prominent in contemporary kitchen design.

The beauty of choosing a painted kitchen is its versatility; you’re not limited to just one or two colours and instead have the entire colour spectrum at your fingertips. When it comes to picking the right colour, 2017 is going to see a transition over to the dark side, with strong colours such as Thunder or Anthracite Greys emerging as contenders for top choice next year. For a bold look, kit out your entire kitchen in a shadowy shade, or alternatively, balance dark colours with accents of colour in trims, feature walls or splashbacks.

Understated bright colours, such as Burnt Umber and Bumblebee can be paired with most darker hues to add pockets of interests. Kitchen islands or cabinetry in a bright shade contrast with the rest of the space, and work well with woods or cool metals – an elegant choice for a modern kitchen.

With Stoneham’s bespoke painting service, we can match the paint colour to anything you desire, from an item of furniture to a specific fabric or wallpaper, so that you can get your dream colour for your kitchen.

Colour is not the only choice to make; it’s essential to pick the appropriate finish too. When compared to standard lacquers, painted materials not only create a softer look, but also offer a durable and long-lasting finish.

Traditionally, glossy kitchens have reigned supreme with light-reflecting surfaces and the ability to make the most of small spaces, but we predict that matte finishes will be increasingly popular in 2017. A matte finish offers a more muted and contemporary aesthetic and is the perfect match for shaker-style kitchens – another hot trend to watch out for next year. And, practically speaking, not only are fingermarks and smudges less visible on a matte surface, it’s easy to wipe clean.

Or, why not have the best of both worlds? Glossy and matte finishes complement each other beautifully, giving a subtle contrast between textures and create a balanced, modern kitchen.

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