Small but significant - splashbacks

Small but Significant: Splashbacks

Increasing numbers of homeowners are looking to turn the splashbacks in their kitchen into striking design features. Not just about protecting the walls from stains, the splashback has become a significant design piece in its own right.  

With a plethora of materials available, creating a custom-designed splashback is now easy to achieve and can be designed to fit the precise measurements of your kitchen.We look at all the splashback options to consider when designing your kitchen:

Inject colour
If you are looking to inject a pop of colour into your kitchen a coloured glass splashback is the perfect choice and will certainly create a statement. The colours are endless and can be painted to suit your décor and taste, offering a sleek look. Unlike tiles, there are fewer joints, just a clean, unbroken and seamless finish that can easily be wiped clean making them completely practical as well as stylish.

A plethora of materials
The material you choose for your splashback will be based on the overall finish you want to achieve for your kitchen and fortunately the market has opened its doors to a wide choice to experiment with.  For a more industrial feel, stainless steel can also be considered. It’s heat-resistant and hard wearing. Glass as well as Corian provides the flexibility to add an instant splash of colour to a kitchen wall for a contemporary, modern finish. Natural materials such as solid granite, marble stone and lustrous woods like oak, cherry and maple, where you can see the natural grain can work in both modern and traditional kitchens. Furthermore, tiling should not be overlooked, as there are a large number of materials and patterns available. Use either block coloured tiles or contrast with glass around the rest of your kitchen for a fun, flamboyant design.

Think outside the Box
Don’t be afraid to allow your splashback to add something unique to your kitchen. LED edge-lighting is a great way to keep your cooking area bright whilst highlighting the texture and finish of your splashback. If you are feeling brave, play with the shape of your splashback such as a curved, coloured glass with added details such as starburst lines. An upstand is also an option where your kitchen worktop is shaped with a built-in seamless splashback.

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