Three timeless kitchen shades

3 Timeless Kitchen Shades

By Duncan Brown, Stoneham Kitchens Designer

If you’re planning a new kitchen project, chances are you have a Pinterest board, Ideabook on Houzz, or even a pen-and-paper scrapbook full of ideas. But when you’re choosing cabinets, tables, chairs, don’t forget about colour. Picking the right hue is one of the most fun parts of the design process, but it can be tricky to choose a colour that looks on-trend now but will continue to look great as time goes by. The right colour can even help you sell your home in the future, as timeless colours enhance a kitchen and could add value to your home. Here are three of our favourite shades for a smart, stylish kitchen you’ll love for years.

Classic White – bright white

Simple, sleek and absolutely timeless, Classic White can be matched with virtually any shade, material or texture to create a stylish design. A monochrome black and white colour scheme is a bold, popular choice, or marry Classic White with a natural wood such as American Oak, or rich Maple. We’ve also had customers request entirely white kitchens, which results in a bright, open space. If you’re worried about keeping such a kitchen spotless, opt for High Gloss White, a bright white with a glossy finish, for easy cleaning.

Dove Grey – soft grey

At Stoneham we’ve seen a clear trend for shades we’re calling ‘new neutrals’; these are soft, fresh takes on subtle shades like grey and cream. These hues are winning with customers because they put a modern twist on traditional interior colours. The result? Tried and tested elegance that has been updated for 2016, and that will continue to add style and value to your kitchen. Dove Grey is one of the Stoneham paint colours that embodies this aesthetic, and is a delicate grey that complements most other colours and materials for a versatile base to your kitchen. We also offer a number of darker grey shades including Lead and Thunder grey and will be adding several further standard plain colour shades of grey to reflect this strong trend.

Anthracite Oak – dark grey wood

When it comes to wood, there are so many different tones available, from blonde woods like Light Oak to rich, chocolatey Walnut. For something just a little bit different, try the on-trend, dark grey shade of Anthracite Oak, which contrasts powerfully with most other colours; a particularly striking colour combination we’ve created recently was a Classic White island with Anthracite Oak cabinetry. Wood is a great choice of material as it improves with age, telling the story of your kitchen and your lifestyle.

However, if none of these shades pique your interest, at Stoneham we offer a bespoke painting service, where we can match your paint colour to any item, be it a curtain print or a vase that’s been in the family for generations. The options really are endless – what colour will you choose?

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