Small But Significant - Timber

Small But Significant: Timber

With wood enduring as a trend in kitchen design, at Stoneham we source only the finest timber in our designs, experimenting with textures and finishes whilst simultaneously achieving sustainable results.

Here at Stoneham, we handpick our timber suppliers, ensuring that the correct forest management and environmental regulations are abided by. Stoneham Kitchens continues to be an active member of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme, working with companies based in the UK that deliver durable and attractive products.

The Practicalities

Our kitchens use timber in the structure of the carcase including front rails, muntin and corner posts. Solid hardwoods and veneers are frequently adopted for door designs with a diverse choice of in-frame, and lay-on door styles. These can be completed in a variety of stains and specialist finishes. Exquisite veneer including Macassar, Burr Oak, Burr Walnut and Birch are often chosen to create striking accents and elegant details. Popular designs such as the Dovetail drawerboxes in solid Maple, Oak or Walnut improve practicality and accessibility around the kitchen. This type of storage system is frequently fitted alongside the latest Movento runner systems, allowing superb controlled movement and fine adjustment.

Top Timber

Timber continues to be popular, never failing to produce a striking, timeless look. Stoneham prides itself on designing kitchens that are sustainable, sophisticated and functional, adding value to your home for the future. Wood is a material that is not only hardwearing and useful, but continues to hold strong aesthetic value as it ages. Each piece of timber has a unique grain pattern, producing a special sense of quality to the design of each kitchen.

The distinctive graining on our Oak can be finished with either a natural or stained look, including anthracite and grey Oak shades. Painted Oak proves popular, enhancing the grain, creating a beautiful result.

There is a current trend for painted or stained woods or timber in it’s natural state, providing a fabulous contrast to painted and coloured accents of a kitchen. Alternatively, opt for rich Walnut hues as the foundation of your kitchen that complements plain painted or high gloss facades.

Quartz and Corian worksurfaces are often paired with solid timber on a breakfast bar or accent area. Alternatively, use glass as the main material for your breakfast bar, integrated onto a wooden island, creating a light, modern twist on dining.

Perfect Painting

With Stoneham’s bespoke painting service, any colour a customer desires for their kitchen is possible. Using our colour spectrometer, we are able to colour match any design – from a piece of furniture to a patch of wallpaper. What’s more, our customers have a choice of how their surfaces are finished, either a painted effect or enhanced grain look. By using a unique brushing technique our designers allow the natural timber beneath the surface to be revealed, letting us experiment with textures in an exciting and modern way. This specialist technology produces both precise and fashionable results, leaving our customers with the exact finish they wanted.

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