Small But Significant - the kitchen accent

Small But Significant: The Kitchen Accent

The defining feature of bespoke kitchen design is that it’s one of a kind: signature you. The kitchen accent is all about introducing your personality.

Subtle but powerful, the accent is a clever design device that creates focal points within a space. Assuming many different forms – vertical pillars, door accents, glass features, cabinetry design, lighting, accented worktops and breakfast bars – the accent makes a beautiful kitchen captivating.

Here Adrian Stoneham offers some insight into how you can effectively incorporate accents into your kitchen design.

Creative Cabinetry 

Cabinetry is the framework of your kitchen. It is the curves that hug your kitchen’s contours or the lines that make a bold statement; but it’s the accents added that distinguish it. Take the kitchen island, a stylish statement in itself; it integrates storage and appliances, food preparation and dining space, to suit your taste. Including an accent – such as a raised chrome and glass breakfast bar or making its body curved or triple-tiered – you achieve something exceptional.

You can use cornices and pelmets, decorative design elements that run along cabinet edges, to augment the lines of your design. Or introduce interesting shapes to your cabinetry, like drum features, cones or corbels, which support worktops, to add panache by providing an opulent finish.

Bright and Beautiful 

Strategic LED lighting amplifies the look and feel of your kitchen. Ideally you should combinethree different types of lighting: task lighting, which specifically illuminates work zones, ambient lighting, which creates atmosphere in the room and accent lighting, which complements and highlights select features.

Recessed, or hidden, lighting gives texture and depth to spaces without being obtrusive. Lighting run under cabinets, or an island, illuminates worktop surfaces and accentuates contours. To amp up the drama, consider LED spotlights, downlighters, or uplighters as these create pools of light and shadow. With the ability to bring your kitchen together, lighting is an integral part of your design process.

Clever Colours 

Injecting colour into your kitchen is a sure way of achieving a bold aesthetic. Accented against classic wood or metal, a pop of colour creates contrasts and points of interest. It’s about taking the ordinary and making extraordinary; for example an island/breakfast bar can be enhanced with a coloured glass extension – classic granite meets contemporary glass for maximised impact (as well as space).

Introduce new colours to your space in creative ways; for example, coloured glass or tile splashbacks, drawer sides or door accents add vibrancy. Following a colour theme throughout – in appliances and accessories, or perhaps an adjacent living area – will create a seamless flow throughout your living space.

Sassy Storage

There is a current trend to shut away kitchen appliances and features that are not in use – so smart storage is king. Concave drawers, features in themselves, optimise the most obtuse corners. Consider units with integrated chopping boards and drawers. These can be personalised, for example boards can be engraved with ‘cheese’, ‘bread’ or ‘herbs’, while drawers can be fitted with removable dividers, and enlivened with customised drawer sides using black intivo/bespoke glass, or even steel.

There is an increased demand for concealed integrated appliances and storage units as well as more unique features such as bars. We at Stoneham have solved this with ‘pocket doors’. A simple and sleek means of concealment – doors slide out of sight, out of mind, into neat pockets revealing the hidden gems behind.

An accent can make the banal brilliant, the muted magnificent. It’s about focusing on the little things that personalise and band together to achieve a unified design. This is the first in a series of blogs that will look at the features of kitchen design that are small, but significant- so stay tuned for more.

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